Website Launch for FINE: Starved without Physical Evidence…It’s here!

It’s here! After much consideration and preparation, I’ve launched the website for FINE.

Over the past year and half I’ve been chasing down a first draft of my memoir, FINE: Starved without Physical Evidence. I’ve taken classes, workshops, spent many many evenings with fellow writers, and had a blast while doing it, along with a healthy dose of anxiety.

This work began with the purpose of giving a voice to those who have struggled with a disorder that takes more lives every year than any other mental illness, and who had no physical evidence to show for their struggle. As a woman who had spent more time living with an eating disorder than not, in a normal-sized to over-sized body, I felt there was a very real need to explain not all eating disorders are visible. Feeling that I didn’t fit into the image of “sick” left me internally conflicted during treatment and ultimately hindered my recovery. It’s my hope that FINE will offer insight and validation for those who have experienced similar struggles.

Click over to my website at: and learn more about my book.

If you’ve recovered from an eating disorder and ever felt like you didn’t fit into the image of what an eating disorder should look like, submit your story.

I want to hear from you.

With permission, your stories will be posted on and together we can give voice to a very real issue so many of us have struggled with.


Many thanks to Prof. M-rock (dogged supporter, mentor, neuroscientist-extraordinaire, mommy of two, rockin’ snowboarder, and person I feel privileged to share genetics with) who encouraged me to honor my priorities. Much love.

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