As to the book…

Now let’s be honest with ourselves, everyone and I certainly do mean nearly everyone, believes it’s their God given right to write a memoir. Maybe it is, maybe it isn’t. Regardless, we’ve been warned: just because you have the right doesn’t mean people are going to read it and that’s their right. Just as the obnoxious man in a suit sitting near me at this very moment has the right to obliterate my concentration. His nonsensical phone call seems to issue from some unseen loudspeaker informing us of his latest romantic conquest as we commute across the bridge. I hate lawyers. Ah, the wonders of mass transit where you forfeit your sanity in the name of shrinking your footprint. But that’s another conversation entirely and the consolation prize is mollifying…free WiFi. Nonetheless, onward!

This is where the leap of faith comes in, the grand (or not so grand) feat of exposing one’s self to the critics. I’m not even talking about the critics that get paid, I’m talking about every other person besides yourself who will pft and huh and phaw at what you put out there for one reason or another. These are the people that matter. After all, whether the guy is jumping off his chair clapping or reclining in his chair with deadly Z’s issuing from his mouth, there is still a good chance that you will go see that movie if you want to. But, if one or maybe two friends say, “Video, oh totally, video,” it will be a loss. It’s hard to find a good critic, easy to listen to the masses. It’s easy to write in the safe corner of a café, quite another story to query publishers and ask people to read your meanderings. The world of publishing can be an intimidating place.


Downtown...working again...lemon scone goodness...

So here is my leap of faith, grand or not, it is another adventure or misadventure to add to my little timeline that is slowly creeping onward. This book will be a snippet of time on that ever moving line when crisis became the catalyst for permanent change. While that crisis may seem to be the focus of this book, and will likely categorize the work, I’m hoping the reader will look deeper, for a profoundly more interesting story. Addiction, disorder, hospitalization and the chaos that surrounds them is the train wreck, important to the story but not the point. It’s actually the long-term change, the difference in the character that is most visible when the beginning and end of the story are set side by side, that I want to be most intriguing to the reader. As does every other writer I’m sure. But how do I get there and how do I take you with me?


-The Snarky Lark


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